I was walking across the bridge over the A31 today, on my way to the local town. A car passed me and a chap yelled out of the window,’ You dropped something out of your bag!

I walked back a way thinking I could not possibly have dropped anything. There was nothing and I thought, instead being an Angel in Disguise, several of whom I have met, more like a Devil in Disguise. Trying to get an elderly lady walk further than she need.


Another Visit to Majorca

I have just had a fabulous week In Majorca.  My daughter suggested I join her for Christmas on the island and organised my flight. She arrived an hour before me and went to do some shopping then was at the barrier when I came through.

We left the airport and headed in to the hills to he village where Helen had rented a house. Unfortunately it was not the easiest to find and we had to contact the owner for directions. She arrived and once we had parked the car she took us up a set of 76 steps to the house. She showed us where everything was and then left us to settle in

It was a bit unfortunate that Helen developed a cold which troubled her all over Christmas. We did not let that stop us exploring the island and visiting some lovely little villages tucked away in the hills. Then on Christmas Day we had booked to have dinner in the one restaurant that was open in the village that day. We had booked for Dinner at 8pm but the lady told us to try at lunch time and maybe they would be able to fit us in.

On the day we walked down our 76 steps in to the village and to the restaurant which we found was HEAVING with people. It did not look promising for us, so we went back to the house and had a bowl of soup!

That evening we walked to the restaurant which was much quieter and had a lovely meal .  On the Sunday before I left we had a friend of Helen’s plus a friend of the friend for lunch. It was a lovely meal and we spent a good few hours chatting with the two ladies.

On Monday we packed up and cleaned the house, well Helen did, and then drove to the airport. I checked in and then left – a bumpy flight back to England.  I had ordered a taxi to meet me but got a text from him to say his car had broken down, however, here were two telephone numbers for other taxis for me. I rang one and it was engaged, so tried the other and got through. Yes, they would meet me. On the bus I got a text saying that the taxi was on its way.

My phone peeped again and I got another text to tell me the registration number on the car that was meeting me. I registered the number and then another text arrived with a different car and number. I sent them a reply saying I only needed one car not two!

I am now back home in windy old England.

A Random Meeting

I was travelling from one station to another on the London Underground and met a lovely lady, travelling with her daughter and son. As usual the train was quite full and we got talking. I discovered she was an Australian living in England and that her two children were on holiday from University in Sydney.
We all got out at the same station and she offered to carry my bag for me. Then suggested that I come with her to her house, have a cup of tea with her and then she would take me to my hotel and then to the Kew Archive centre where I was going to be doing some family research.
We walked to her house and her daughter put the kettle on and her had a nice cup of tea. Then in to the car and off to the hotel, where I went and checked in, while she waited for me, then off to the Kew Archives.
What a lovely lady and thank you so much Valerie. You made my day.

A Meeting

Today is the anniversary of my meeting with the love of my life.
It is hard to believe it is Fifty Three years today that I looked up
into those piercing blue eyes and thought, ‘That is the man I am going to marry’.

A visit to Spain

Helen was doing a workout in Southern Spain and had ten days in between the two sessions. She emailed me and asked what I was doing in November?
I had promised a good friend of mine there that I would visit sometime and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I booked my flight, again using air miles so a bit of a round trip, still I got there safely. I flew in to Malaga and got a coach to Marbella where Helen collected me and we drove to Ronda a lovely town with beautiful countryside all round it. We stayed in an apartment house which she had found and were very comfortable well placed in the town for sightseeing.
One night there and we were off to Cadiz. While there we visited the Travia Tower and I managed to climb the 173 steps to the top!
From Cadiz to Jerez, where Helen went and got two umbrellas for the price of one, as w had some heavy rain. It was the only rain we had the entire visit.
From Jerez we went to Seville, on to Cordoba and on to the Granada Province where we stayed with my old friend for the next few days. While there we visited the Alhambra and the white villages inn the Sierras and a couple of the s=coastal towns and included the Nerja Caves as well.
It was a fantastic visit and now I am off to the Isle of Wight for Christmas shortly.

An Angel in disguise

I was asked by a cousin to get a copy of the family tree book, which I had but she did not. I said I would.
The next morning, not a very nice one, I walked into my local town, Ferndown and went to the library where it is had been suggested by Laurence I should go. However they would not copy it for me, only a page – not much good when I wanted 50+ done. So I went to a photo shop and asked him. He was sorry but he specialised in Photos but suggested I went to a shop round he corner where they had staff and would probably do the job for me.
I found the shop and went in. There was lady in there having some music copied and a member of staff came and asked me what I wanted done. I told her that I wanted this small book copied. As they only had one printer machine working at the time, the other being serviced I would have to wait.
That was fine I said. I then got out my purse and looked to see what money I had in it. I had thought I had a note but it was only coin and I counted it up and found, having asked how much my 50+ pages, I discovered I would be some pence short.
I decided to go and see if a friend who I knew in one of the other shops would loan me the few pence I needed to save me having to walk home and come back. Unfortunately Stuart was not in that morning so I returned to the copiers. By this time my job had been started.
A youngish man came in to buy some paper for printing, picked up one pack, asked how much and then decided to take a second one. Meantime I am still working out how much I was short. He tool out his money purse and looked in and said ‘Oh I only have dimes and euros in here.’ He left the shop and came back, picked up his package, popped a One Pound coin on the counter and said ‘ There you are’ and left the chop before I could say Thank you or ask his name.
I asked the staff but they did not know either.
As I walked home I thought ‘ I know that God and Bob were looking after me and had sent the youngish man, the angel in disguise to see that I was alright.

new in my life

Well at the age of nearly 72 I have joined a gym and swimming club! I had a couple of interviews with, I thought, very young girls, and answered all the usual questions. I had a little go on most of the myriad of machines in the gym and picked the ones I would like to use.
This morning I rose early, had a bit to eat and then went to see what I could do. I started on the treadmill, went to an arm exercise and a feet one, no I did two feet and legs exercises. After three quarters of an hour I reckoned that was enough for the first session.
I was going to swim as well, but there was a long queue of Mum’s with children and I thought a pool full of kids was not my scene. So came home showered and got a cup of coffee.