Another Visit to Majorca

I have just had a fabulous week In Majorca.  My daughter suggested I join her for Christmas on the island and organised my flight. She arrived an hour before me and went to do some shopping then was at the barrier when I came through.

We left the airport and headed in to the hills to he village where Helen had rented a house. Unfortunately it was not the easiest to find and we had to contact the owner for directions. She arrived and once we had parked the car she took us up a set of 76 steps to the house. She showed us where everything was and then left us to settle in

It was a bit unfortunate that Helen developed a cold which troubled her all over Christmas. We did not let that stop us exploring the island and visiting some lovely little villages tucked away in the hills. Then on Christmas Day we had booked to have dinner in the one restaurant that was open in the village that day. We had booked for Dinner at 8pm but the lady told us to try at lunch time and maybe they would be able to fit us in.

On the day we walked down our 76 steps in to the village and to the restaurant which we found was HEAVING with people. It did not look promising for us, so we went back to the house and had a bowl of soup!

That evening we walked to the restaurant which was much quieter and had a lovely meal .  On the Sunday before I left we had a friend of Helen’s plus a friend of the friend for lunch. It was a lovely meal and we spent a good few hours chatting with the two ladies.

On Monday we packed up and cleaned the house, well Helen did, and then drove to the airport. I checked in and then left – a bumpy flight back to England.  I had ordered a taxi to meet me but got a text from him to say his car had broken down, however, here were two telephone numbers for other taxis for me. I rang one and it was engaged, so tried the other and got through. Yes, they would meet me. On the bus I got a text saying that the taxi was on its way.

My phone peeped again and I got another text to tell me the registration number on the car that was meeting me. I registered the number and then another text arrived with a different car and number. I sent them a reply saying I only needed one car not two!

I am now back home in windy old England.


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