A Random Meeting

I was travelling from one station to another on the London Underground and met a lovely lady, travelling with her daughter and son. As usual the train was quite full and we got talking. I discovered she was an Australian living in England and that her two children were on holiday from University in Sydney.
We all got out at the same station and she offered to carry my bag for me. Then suggested that I come with her to her house, have a cup of tea with her and then she would take me to my hotel and then to the Kew Archive centre where I was going to be doing some family research.
We walked to her house and her daughter put the kettle on and her had a nice cup of tea. Then in to the car and off to the hotel, where I went and checked in, while she waited for me, then off to the Kew Archives.
What a lovely lady and thank you so much Valerie. You made my day.