An Angel in disguise

I was asked by a cousin to get a copy of the family tree book, which I had but she did not. I said I would.
The next morning, not a very nice one, I walked into my local town, Ferndown and went to the library where it is had been suggested by Laurence I should go. However they would not copy it for me, only a page – not much good when I wanted 50+ done. So I went to a photo shop and asked him. He was sorry but he specialised in Photos but suggested I went to a shop round he corner where they had staff and would probably do the job for me.
I found the shop and went in. There was lady in there having some music copied and a member of staff came and asked me what I wanted done. I told her that I wanted this small book copied. As they only had one printer machine working at the time, the other being serviced I would have to wait.
That was fine I said. I then got out my purse and looked to see what money I had in it. I had thought I had a note but it was only coin and I counted it up and found, having asked how much my 50+ pages, I discovered I would be some pence short.
I decided to go and see if a friend who I knew in one of the other shops would loan me the few pence I needed to save me having to walk home and come back. Unfortunately Stuart was not in that morning so I returned to the copiers. By this time my job had been started.
A youngish man came in to buy some paper for printing, picked up one pack, asked how much and then decided to take a second one. Meantime I am still working out how much I was short. He tool out his money purse and looked in and said ‘Oh I only have dimes and euros in here.’ He left the shop and came back, picked up his package, popped a One Pound coin on the counter and said ‘ There you are’ and left the chop before I could say Thank you or ask his name.
I asked the staff but they did not know either.
As I walked home I thought ‘ I know that God and Bob were looking after me and had sent the youngish man, the angel in disguise to see that I was alright.