An Isle of Wight Visit

Last week I went to the Isle of Wight. Instead of driving I decided to take the bus. A bit of a journey but never mind! The bus left the village on time and we arrived at Bournemouth Hospital where I had to change to get a bus to Lymington. According to the timetable I had about ten minutes to wait for the connection.
I waited and waited and waited and so did another lady who I could see was getting a bit agitated. Eventually the bus arrived, about twenty minutes late. I had an uncomfortable feeling that this was not going to augur well. We set off and seemed to be going well when, oh dear! A hold up with road works and traffic lights included. The queue of traffic was quite long and we inched forward. We got through those and set off again and then ‘Oh no’ another set of road works and traffic lights.
We eventually arrived in Lymington Bus station and I asked the driver where I might get a taxi. I had intended to walk to the ferry having, if we had arrived on time, nearly an hour to get there, and for my rate of walking no problem.
We had finally pulled in to the Bus station about thirty minutes late, so it had to be a taxi to the get me to the ferry on time. So, out to the main road and there is the taxi rank BUT no taxis. So once again I wait and wait and wait until finally a taxi pulled in. The people who were in the taxi did not seem in a hurry to get out and one was having trouble undoing her seat belt.
Finally I get in and tell the driver I am booked on the 13.00 ferry and we have nine minutes to get there. Bless him he did his best but when we arrived the barrier was down and the ferry gearing up to leave.
Texts then went back and forth between Virginia and I and in the end she came to Yarmouth to fetch me.
A somewhat fraught trip so within a couple of days I had taken a trip in to Ryde and bought a ticket on the train!