printed books

At long last I have my paper back books. There were sixty of them delivered yesterday. I went upstairs to see a friend, as I wanted to show it to her. “I’ll buy that’ she said. So within an hour of receiving them I had sold one. Then this morning I was out to get my paper and took one of the books to see how much it would cost to post. On the way back home I was passing the man who puts his vegetable site up outside out butchers. He and I have become good friends and I had told him about my book, I produced the copy I had in my bag and he said he would buy it!! So within twenty four hours of  getting my hands on them I had sold two of them.

This afternoon I telephoned a very old friend who had said she wanted one. Hopefully she would agree to pay postage and she did, so another one will be winging it’s way to Scotland. When I go to the isle of Wight at the end of the month I have to take six copies there so the sales are coming.

Oh! I also found out who the second buyer was off Amazon Kindle in America.

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