Well I am off travelling again! This time a trip down to Devon to visit some good friends Barry and Maureen. I got to thinking a few weeks ago about seeing if I could find David, who was our postman who we had when we had our post office in Cheriton Fitzpaine in the 1970’s.

How to go about it? I know, get on to the White Pages and see what I can find. David’s family is quite extensive so when the page came up there were quite a few Kingdon’ s listed. Where did I start?  I know, the farm where the family had been and obviously still were so I tried that first. I dialled the number and a male voice answered and the surprise when I told him who I was amazed me. Paul, David’s younger brother, who had taken over from him when David left to get married, was interested to hear me. We had a long chat and I asked if he had David’s number, he did, and gave it to me.

Next a call to David, who was not at home but I explained to his wife that I was a voice from the past. Later I spoke to David and the first thing he said was ‘When can you come and see us?’ It made me feel good, as he obviously had liked working for us. So this week I am going to stay with Barry and Maureen and go and have a cup of tea with David and Sue and catch up with what he has been doing in all those years since the 1970’s.


printed books

At long last I have my paper back books. There were sixty of them delivered yesterday. I went upstairs to see a friend, as I wanted to show it to her. “I’ll buy that’ she said. So within an hour of receiving them I had sold one. Then this morning I was out to get my paper and took one of the books to see how much it would cost to post. On the way back home I was passing the man who puts his vegetable site up outside out butchers. He and I have become good friends and I had told him about my book, I produced the copy I had in my bag and he said he would buy it!! So within twenty four hours of  getting my hands on them I had sold two of them.

This afternoon I telephoned a very old friend who had said she wanted one. Hopefully she would agree to pay postage and she did, so another one will be winging it’s way to Scotland. When I go to the isle of Wight at the end of the month I have to take six copies there so the sales are coming.

Oh! I also found out who the second buyer was off Amazon Kindle in America.