Isle of wight

I have not finished travelling!  After a lovely week in Majorca with my gorgeous daughter I flew back to England. Then had a couple of days at home then was off again. This time it was to the Isle of Wight where my sister and brother-in-law live and they were about to celebrate their Ruby Wedding. I big celebration was planned and Helen flew in from Palm to join the party.

The day was beautiful and for the 40th anniversary there were 40 guests! We all had a wonderful time and it was lovely to see all the relations and friends and meet some new ones. Today I left and came back home where I hope to stay for a while before swanning off somewhere else!


Another relation

In my book I tell the story of meeting up with  a relation of Bob’s but I didn’t tell the story of meeting another cousin of his. This one I discovered also lived on Waiheke and we did not know. It was lovely to meet Dianne, the only thing I was very disappointed about was, that I did not meet her until after Bob’s passing. Unfortunately when I was out in New Zealand on a recent visit she was not very well and I was unable to catch up with her again.

 When I was in New Zealand in September last year I managed to catch up with yet another cousin. My Bob really had a much larger family than I realised. I also, while there, met up with cousin Barrie’s son and daughter in law and spent a few days with them, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Actually my whole trip to New Zealand was wonderful and I had a lot of fun surprising quite a few people who did not know I was visiting

more travels

I came back from Majorca, a little faster than I went out there. At least the return flights were more straightforward. I had decided to stay a night in London as my flight arrived in the early evening and I was not about to set off on a two hour coach trip and then local bus to get home. So a comfortable night and then the two hour bus ride. What I had forgotten is that the local bus does not run on a Sunday so a taxi it was.

Now I have three days at home before I set off again. This time to the Isle of Wight for a special occasion – the Ruby  Wedding anniversary of my sister Virginia and her husband. rather cleverly they have managed to have 40 guests for their 40th anniversary.

I suppose I will settle down at some stage but I don’t really feel like it.

my visit to Majorca

A visit to Majorca was planned but did not work out quite like other peoples. usually it only takes about two hours to get there – it took me two days. I was flying Heathrow to Geneva and thence to Palma. The flight was delayed and delayed, what was happening?

I looked at the board again and again and every flight but mine had a gate number or boarding listed. Eventually it said we were delayed, then we got loaded and sat at the end of the runway for ages, we had obviously missed our slot.  Once we got going, my thought was I might make the connection, please!! Then the Stewardess came and told me I had to see the Ground Staff when we arrived in Geneva.

I went and saw the first Ground Staff I came across and they produced a bit of paper from under the counter and told me I was booked in to an hotel, dinner and breakfast both provided and that the next morning I was flying to Zurich and then Palma.

So there was my two day flight to Majorca. Still I have to say my gorgeous daughter was there to meet me.